let them sleep

I have a new favorite time of day and it actually happens to be in the middle of the night. Last night when I put Jojo down after feeding her around 4am I laid there and listened to my three humans breathing around me. Three of the sweetest sounds I could imagine – a husband who takes the greatest care of his girls, a toddler who might just be the sweetest big sister there ever was {and sneaks into bed with us most nights}, and a little babe who we’re still getting to know but completes our family in a way that I could not have expected. Breathing, snoring, squeaking, rustling. And they’re all mine.

Last week I was able to snap a few photos of the littlest one sleeping, which isn’t too hard when you have a babe that sleeps most of the day away. Lately we mostly live in cozy clothes over here, changing into one comfy outfit from another. Our favorites right now, as it has been for years, are our Hanna Andersson pieces. I have yet to find better quality children’s clothes. Can you even with this wiggle set?! I’ve been buying Hanna Andersson clothes for Annabelle for years and we’ve even received quite a few hand-me-downs from friends that look brand new. From jammie’s to dresses and everything in between they’re definitely our go-to for every season. I’m so excited that Jojo gets to wear her big sisters clothes for years to come and at the rate she’s going she is going to fit in them sooner rather than later!

Where are your favorite places to shop for your kids? I asked that question on Instagram a few days ago and I plan to share the most popular answers as back-to-school shopping inspiration. Stay tuned!

Thank you to our friends at Hanna Andersson for sending Jojo this set.