What’s your Starbucks order?

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Do you ever feel like maybe you’re missing out on something great that everyone else is doing {or in this case, drinking}? I didn’t until I asked what everyone orders from Starbucks on Instagram last week and had tried about 3% of the responses. I’m an original Starbucks gold card member, ya’ll – I am no rookie! So in the spirit of helping another under-caffeinated human out I thought it would be fun to share the responses I received. Speaking of responses, I’m actually going to start a new series on the blog called I ask, you answer. I’ll ask a question each week on Instagram and then share your responses in a blog post. Fun, right? You can head over to my Instagram stories now to see what my next question is!

Iced Coffee

  • Iced coconut milk latte with a little cinnamon on top
  • Iced skinny caramel macchiato
  • Iced skinny cinnamon dolce latte
  • Cold brew with half & half
  • Vanilla sweet cream cold brew
  • Cascara cold brew
  • Cold brew with coconut milk
  • 3 shots of espresso over ice and fill with coconut milk {$3 and 70 calories!}
  • Iced americano with sugar free syrup
  • Vanilla sweet cream cold brew
  • Iced americano with vanilla and light cream
  • Vanilla latte with skim milk
  • Cold brew
  • Iced coffee unsweetened with a splash of coconut milk
  • Salted cream cold brew extra ice
  • Iced triple espresso with two pumps white mocha and a splash of cream
  • Vanilla bean frapuccino, no whip, affogato style

Hot Coffee

  • Cinnamon almond milk macchiato
  • Almond milk latte
  • Americano with 2 pumps white mocha and cream
  • Vanilla latte with skim milk
  • Peru blend with almond milk steamed with wholesome earth stevia
  • Pumpkin spice latte
  • Raspberry white mocha
  • Cafe latte
  • Almond milk latte with hazlenut, half sweet
  • Nonfat white mocha with whip
  • Skinny vanilla latte
  • Skinny cinnamon dolce latte extra hot
  • Blonde cafe misto
  • Almond milk latte with cinnamon and raw sugar
  • Caramel macchiato
  • Coconut milk mocha macchiato

Tea & More!

  • Iced chai tea latte
  • Iced green tea unsweetened
  • Matcha lemonade
  • Iced chai + coconut milk
  • Unsweeted strawberry green tea
  • Iced chai latte with cinnamon dolce syrup
  • Strawberry refresher with green tea instead of water
  • Green tea latte with almond milk
  • Strawberry acai refresher
  • Matcha latte
  • Pink drink
  • Ombré pink drink
  • Unsweetened passion tea lemonade
  • Unsweetened green tea lemonade
  • Iced peach tea lemonade
  • Strawberry acai refresher with lemonade instead of water
  • Green tea latte half sweet
  • Cool lime refresher with lemonade
  • Chocolate smoothie with a scoop of matcha or a shot of espresso

I order a venti soy misto {half coffee, half steamed milk, also known as a cafe con leche at other coffee shops} nearly every time I go to Starbucks except for when I’ve earned a free beverage reward – then I get the fanciest thing I can find on the menu! xo