my favorite lipsticks

Today I thought it would be fun to share the lipsticks that i use on a near constant basis. I can’t remember when I made the shift from wearing mostly lip balms to mostly lipsticks but it must have been when I became an adult {aka sometime after college}. I love that lipstick can really transform your look. It’s so fun to experiment with new colors and I think the more you wear it the more comfortable you are trying new ones out!

  1. maybelline baby lips in pink punch – this is a great option for when you want a little color but your lips are too dry for lipstick, or to keep in your purse or at your desk to apply throughout the day for moisture and a pop of color. think fancy chapstick.
  2. charlotte tilbury lipstick in coachella coral – this is my very favorite lipstick color. it’s my go-to when i want to wear lipstick but i don’t have the time or the energy to think about what color might look good with what i’m wearing. i bought it soon after annabelle was born and some days i would only put this on and still feel put together.
  3. juice beauty luminous lip crayon in zuma – this is a great glossy red, when you’re looking for something not as thick or matte as lipstick. it goes on really easy, is super hydrating, and almost resembles a lip stain once it’s applied.
  4. juice beauty luminous lip crayon in malibu – i don’t really wear true nude colors, but this pinky nude is just perfect. it’s subtle but gives my lips a lovely hue and is a great option when i wear heavier eye makeup.
  5. maybelline color sensational creamy matte lip color in blushing pout – this is my favorite drugstore lipstick. it goes on really smooth, has a great pigment, and is $7.99. this color is a great mod pink.
  6. topshop lips in rio rio – other than the juice beauty crayon, this is the only red i will wear. it has the most amazing hint of orange that makes it feel modern and really pops without feeling heavy or costumey. i’d venture to say it would look good on anyone.
  7. nars velvet matte lipstick pencil in roman holiday – this pencil is super matte, so i choose this when i want my lip color to last a bit longer. it’s also great as a base layer, if you’re looking to layer.

do you have a favorite lipstick? i’d love to hear in the comments below!

7 lipsticks to use everyday