our new living room

today i’m excited to share another updated room in our new house with you!

when we moved in the thought of filling our really large living room {in addition to a very large family room} was very daunting to me. in our previous home we just had one living space so i planned to use the furniture and decor from that space in what would become our more formal living room and we bought almost all new furnishings for our family room which i’ll share on the blog very soon. i think the fact that we’ve had the majority of the things in this room for a few years has made it more comfortable for me. i’m going to be honest, since we don’t have a tv in this room we don’t spend much time in here. we don’t even watch that much tv but we just tend to gravitate to the room where the tv hangs. it’s a thing. plus we don’t keep any of annabelle’s toys in this room but she does like to read in it. maybe someday i’ll read a book here. maybe someday i’ll read a book anywhere! enough about me, let’s get to the room!

in case you’ve forgotten, here’s what we were working with on day one.

our living room refresh on allweareblog.com | fixer upper | midcentury remodel | blue vintage rug


and here’s what we were working with on day four. our living room refresh on allweareblog.com | fixer upper | midcentury remodel | blue vintage rug


and now, today!

what do you think? there is quite a bit more space to fill in this room and lots of white walls to cover but i’m up for the task!

couch and ottoman: art van, chairs: homegoods, floors: build direct

you can shop the items in the room here:

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  1. Thuy wrote:

    Love seeing the progress. I feel you on the whole TV thing. I never sit in the living room but I always sit in the family room when I’m downstairs hanging out haha.


    Posted 8.31.16 Reply
  2. Michal wrote:

    I look forward to your house progress posts!! Looks great !

    Did you do a shoe moulding? I can’t tell fromt he picture but I’m in the process of renovating as well and I don’t know about the shoe moulding…thoughts

    Posted 8.31.16 Reply
    • liz braga wrote:

      Hi Michal! Thanks so much for reading! We skipped the shoe molding but might be adding it because there is a bit of a gap between the molding and the floor. I do prefer things to be more simple so I’d vote against if it’s an option {plus it will save you money and time}! xo, Liz

      Posted 9.12.16 Reply