my first rocksbox

i tend to be a little skeptical of fashion related subscription services. it’s not that i don’t think they provide value or convenience, i just really enjoy shopping so anything that offers to ‘do it for me’ feels unnecessary. however when rocksbox contacted me to see if i wanted to try their designer jewelry rental service i figured i didn’t have much to lose.

to my surprise i was really impressed with both the selection and quality of the pieces in my first rocksbox! jewelry is something i don’t tend to spend much money on. i have a few staple pieces that i love that i end up wearing over and over again so when it comes time to exhaust my monthly spending budget {on the first of the month, oops!} i stock up on clothing and shoes over jewelry more often than not. that is the main reason why rocksbox appealed to me. for $19/month you get the opportunity to receive three pieces of jewelry on rotation to ‘rent’ for as long as you’d like. when you’re done with your three pieces you simply send them back to rocksbox {using the provided envelope and prepaid shipping label} and they send you three new pieces! it’s like old school netflix for jewelry.

they have a great selection of trendy and fun designer pieces and you can create a wishlist so your ‘stylist’ can better understand your style. here are a few photos of the pieces i received in my first rocksbox and how i wore them. if you’d like to try rocksbox for yourself you can use my code allweareblogxoxo‘ to get your first month free! if you try it please let me know how you like it!


photos by all we are photography



  1. Thuy wrote:

    I also don’t prioritize jewellery. I like it but I’d also much rather buy clothes. I feel like, with makeup and jewellery, I only need just enough to cover what little needs I have. So maybe I’ll have a couple statement necklaces, a couple dainty necklaces, and a maximum of 3 lipsticks, you know? lmao. But I’m a fan of watches. I’ll have a lot of those in the future.

    Posted 4.15.16

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