reverse your routine

what i’m about to tell you might blow your mind or totally change the way you look at me but i’m going to do it anyway.

for the last two weeks i have been conditioning my hair before i wash it. go ahead, read that again. i’ve reversed my routine! oddly enough i’m someone who actually likes change. i tend to get bored easily and the thrill of trying something new is really exciting to me. and i’m also extremely impatient so when i discover something that i can do¬†without having to prepare, buy or really do anything at all i’m all in! give me a diy sugar scrub that i can make with ingredients i already have in my pantry all day! so when i read about how conditioning your hair before you shampoo can help those of us with fine hair to have more volume i was all, “let’s do this!”

as soon as i get in the shower i start by conditioning my hair and then i let it sit while i wash my body, shave, and wash my face. then i rinse the conditioner out and give my hair a nice good shampoo. i noticed right away that my hair actually felt softer and it’s definitely bouncier after i blow-dry. and maybe most exciting of all i’ve been able to extend my hair strategy by one day so that means i’m only washing my hair about every five days now! i’m so close to achieving my dream of once a week hair washing i can taste it.

have you ever tried reversing your routine? if you try it out let me know what you think!



  1. Rachel wrote:

    I recently started doing this too. I really only condition the ends and then shampoo the top of my head, letting the shampoo trickle down to the ends. It seems to work well! I’m with ya about shampooing once a week!

    Posted 4.15.16
    • liz braga wrote:

      It sort of makes me feel like a rebel! I think it’s a great strategy if you have finer hair or are looking for more volume. xo

      Posted 4.20.16

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