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Back your bags, friends. We’re going on a babymoon! Just kidding actually. But since it’s been basically zero degrees here for the last month I’ve decided to start planning one. If only to keep my mind on warmer days ahead.

When I was pregnant with Annabelle we actually didn’t take a babymoon, which has become popular more recently it seems. We celebrated our one year wedding anniversary during my pregnancy so between having already taken an elaborate honeymoon {in Cabo, which is not Zika free!} and feeling like since it was only just us there was really no reason to take a final trip to seal the deal we decided against it. Plus if I’m being totally honest a trip where I can’t have a few cocktails doesn’t sound like much of a vacation to me. Truly, I think a babymoon is one of those silly things that falls into the same category as push presents {I pushed the baby out and I’m not pregnant anymore, I feel like that’s a present, no?} but since Ken and I haven’t been on a trip that’s just us in a while and I know it will be harder to get away after we have two kids I wanted to start planning something just in case the stars align and we’re able to getaway for a few days.

If you’re currently pregnant or planning to be anytime soon you’ve probably heard of the Zika virus, which is transmitted by mosquitoes and can cause birth defects if you’re pregnant or become pregnant soon after being infected. In other words, it’s best to avoid anywhere that Zika might be a concern. Definitely better safe that sorry in this scenario! Lucky for you {and me} I’ve rounded up a few Zika free destination options that are warm, sunny, and would be a beautiful place to spend your babymoon.

Best Zika free vacation destinations

  1. Bermuda. If you’re looking to leave the country {and you live in the U.S.) Bermuda seems like one of the only safe options within reasonable distance. If you can get over the whole Bermuda Triangle weirdness it seems like a lovely spot to visit but I’ve read that the optimal time is September/October.
  2. Hawaii. If you have a tropical location in mind but don’t have a passport or feel safer staying in the United States, Hawaii would be a great choice. We went to Maui last year and it really blew me away. Depending on where you live the long flight{s) may be a deterrent, especially if you’re travelling farther into your pregnancy. The time change is also something to consider, as well as the cost. Hawaii is not known for being reasonably priced!
  3. Miami {and southern Florida}. Miami was recently taken off the list of areas with risk of Zika, which is great news. We actually went to the Miami Zoo when we were in Florida last year and it was right around the time we started trying to get pregnant. Ken thought I was being ridiculous because I was so paranoid about mosquitoes but I had a future baby to protect! Similar to Hawaii, Miami is a great option if you’re looking for a more tropical location but don’t want to leave the country. The travel is also easier since it’s within the continental U.S. and for us it’s in the same time zone.
  4. Arizona. I had all but left Arizona off of my babymoon list until someone recommended it recently when I was chatting with a few other moms about where we could go. I’ve actually never been to Arizona but my cousin is getting married in Lake Havasu this spring so I can’t wait to visit! This resort in Scottsdale was the specific recommendation, it’s definitely on my list of places to price out for a babymoon!
  5. California. Another beautiful destination with warmer weather and tons to do and see. I wouldn’t recommend Napa for obvious reasons {sad face emoji, wine glass emoji}, but San Diego and Santa Monica would both be beautiful and if you’re into less beaches and more sightseeing San Francisco is amazing! Palm Springs has been on my bucket list for a while so that’s a top contender for us. Or just book a week at the Beverly Hills Hotel and make me jealous forever.

Regardless of where we end up going I absolutely know what I’ll be packing my things in! I finally upgraded my weekender bag {you don’t even want to see what I was using before but it might have been a duffel bag I used as a cheerleader in high school} and I cannot wait to take this pretty lady for a spin! Besides the beautiful color, the Jon Hart weekender bag is so well made. The inside is fully lined so it’s really durable and travel friendly {I spill at least one toiletry on every trip} and I love how you can easily customize it with your monogram or initials! Plus all of their products coordinate so well together so I feel super polished toting along this adorable makeup case as well. All that’s left is to book a trip, buy a bunch of dresses that will hopefully fit over this belly in a month or two, and go!
Have you taken or are you planning to take a babymoon? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

Jon Hart weekender bag and makeup bag c/o, Pinkblush maternity dress c/o {sold out but similar here}

Planning a Babymoon 5 Zika free destinations

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