pregnancy update | 17 weeks

17 week pregnancy update 17 week pregnancy update 17 week pregnancy update

It’s hard to believe that in just a few weeks I’ll be half way through this pregnancy. In some ways it’s flown by but in others I almost can’t remember when I wasn’t pregnant {constant nausea will do that to a girl}.

17 week pregnancy update

Here’s a little update on my pregnancy this week.

How far along are you? 17 weeks, 1 day
So that makes your due date? June 24th!
How much weight have you gained? I’ve gained 8 lbs making my current weight 129. I was hoping to stay under 130 until 20 weeks but I’m assuming that’s no longer an option.
Any cravings? All the fruit, especially raspberries, mango’s, kiwis, and apples, salad, pickles, and pudding.
What about symptoms? The nausea has finally started to subside but I’m not of the clear yet. While typing this I actually had to run to the bathroom but that was my first time throwing up in a little over a week so that’s progress! I feel like I have more energy as well but would still love to take a nap most days.
Will you find out the gender? Nope! We didn’t find out with Annabelle and we’re excited to be surprised again.
Do you have names picked out? No. We’ve said a couple out loud that we don’t hate so I’m going to consider that progress.
Are you wearing maternity clothes? Yes! I’ve been incorporating more maternity clothes into my wardrobe but luckily still fit in a lot of non-maternity too.
Any purchases for the baby yet? Nope. I’m getting a bit antsy to start designing the nursery but realize we still have quite a few months to go so there’s really no reason to rush.

17 week pregnancy update 17 week pregnancy update

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