pregnancy update | 24 weeks

Well friends, let me introduce you to my 6 month pregnant belly {and my blindingly white legs}. Despite the snow that just refuses to melt I’ve started to transition my wardrobe to spring in a major way. I have also been doing some major spring cleaning around our house and I’m getting eager to get started on the nursery. We still have some time but I’m not so secretly hoping the next few months fly by because I’m getting so excited to meet this little babe!

Here’s a little update on my pregnancy.

How far along are you? 24 weeks, 2 days
So that makes your due date? June 24th!
How much weight have you gained? In the most shocking turn of events I didn’t gain any weight this week which is basically the first time that has happened since week 6 or something. What can I say, it’s a gift. That means at 24 weeks I still weigh 138 which is up 17 lbs. overall from where I started pre-pregnancy.
Any cravings? Nothing major this week. I’ve been loving Reese’s eggs {thank you, Easter for falling during my pregnancy} and cereal of course plus blueberry muffins. Oh and we got this super spicy pasta sauce from Costco and last night as we were getting dinner ready I asked Ken if it would be inappropriate for me to drink it. Sadly we decided probably, yes.
What about symptoms? I’ve been a bit more tired this week, so maybe that’s a sign baby is going through a growth spurt. I’ve also had the urge to clean all the things so while it’s probably too early to officially be nesting I’ll certainly take the motivation however I can get it. I have developed really terrible lower back pain so at the advice of my midwife I’m going to start seeing a chiropractor. I’m really hoping they can help because I can’t really work out {to be honest sometimes it’s hard to walk} and I would hate to be so restricted for the rest of my pregnancy. Also, my hair has been looking great so while I’d love to think it’s my fab friends at Village Parlor I think all of those hormones are up to something good for once.
Will you find out the gender? Nope! We didn’t find out with Annabelle and we’re excited to be surprised again. This morning I had a check-up and the babies heart rate was in the 120s/130s so my midwife said she’s definitely guessing a boy. I’m also carrying much lower than I was with Annabelle which is also a sign of a boy pregnancy. I honestly cannot wait to find out!
Do you have names picked out? Yes. I think. I think we have a boy name and a girl name. We’ll see if they stick around until d-day.
Are you wearing maternity clothes? Clothes have been a struggle this week. I ordered a bunch of super cute dresses from BURU and literally not one thing fit. I almost cried. At this point my boobs are as hard to fit into things as the belly and I feel like my wardrobe for the next three months is going to be fairly limited. At least I have a bunch of great basics that can see me through to the finish line. Speaking of, how cute is the bodycon/t-shirt combo I’m wearing in these photos? It’s one of my favorite maternity looks, for sure!
Any purchases for the baby yet? Nothing new this week but gosh dang it I really want that Snoo. I have yet to read a bad review and feel like it has to be worth the investment. Stay tuned, it might show up on my doorstep before this pregnancy is over.