pregnancy update | 39 weeks

39 week pregnancy update and a non-maternity Zara summer dress

Well, friends. If I’m being totally, completely honest with you {which I always am} I didn’t think we’d be here right now. You see, Annabelle was born promptly at 39 weeks {after being in labor for two days, but whatever} so for the duration of this pregnancy I really, really, thought that this baby would come at that exact same time or sooner. Whenever someone would ask my due date I would respond cheerily, June 24th but Annabelle came a week early! If the universe is teaching me anything right now it’s that this baby is not Annabelle {duh} and is already trying to be it’s own person. Fine. Bring it on, baby. If you’d like a glimpse into what 39 weeks pregnant looks like, read on.

39 week pregnancy update and a non-maternity Zara summer dress

How far along are you? 39 weeks, 3 days
So that makes your due date? June 24th {and likely not a moment sooner}
How much weight have you gained? A few of my pregnancy books and apps have indicated that in the last few weeks of pregnancy you don’t gain weight. Well, that’s an out and out lie. I stepped on the scale this morning after about a week long reprieve from weighing myself and I’m a bit embarrassed to admit that I’ve hit 160 lbs. {161 if we’re being specific} which is a 40 lb. weight gain for this pregnancy. If you’ve been following along you know my goal was to only gain 35 lbs. but the last few weeks of pregnancy have not been kind to me what with the 100 degree temps and all of the ice cream that’s required to endure that. Secretly praying this baby is 10 lbs. to account for a good portion of the weight gain but that would also mean delivering a 10 lb. baby so…
Any cravings? I’m eating for enjoyment and definitely carb loading for the imminent labor and delivery that’s to come. I haven’t been craving anything specific but have been sticking to my steady diet of frosted mini wheats, pastries, and ice cream as much as possible. Plus all the spicy food I can handle which obviously hasn’t worked yet.
What about symptoms? I actually feel fine-ish. I mean don’t get me wrong I’m not comfortable but nothing is specifically wrong. I’m sleeping ok, I’m still able to get around fairly well {with a waddle, no doubt}, and despite having a few minor aches and pains nothing is really wrong. That’s probably why I haven’t had the baby yet, we’re both just too comfortable.
Will you find out the gender? We’ve made it 39 weeks so hopefully just a few more days until we finally find out if baby Braga is a boy {my guess} or a girl {Ken’s guess}.
Do you have names picked out? Sure, let’s go with yes.
Are you wearing maternity clothes? Since I’ve started working from home this week my wardrobe has mostly consisted of sports bras and shorts except for Monday when I got dressed and made Ken take a couple photos of me and the giant bump.
Any purchases for the baby this week? I don’t think so. I’ve been making sure that I’m stocked up on postpartum essentials {Ken saw this the other day and exclaimed he’s been scarred for life} and since hearing rave reviews on this I’m adding it to my Amazon cart today.

39 week pregnancy update and a non-maternity Zara summer dress

And that concludes the pregnancy update I thought I’d never write. Please say a prayer that I don’t have to write another one next week and instead get to share a baby announcement! xo

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