my skincare routine lately

today i’m going to take you through my skincare routine. it’s always evolving as i try to continually simplify to save time and optimize my products to be sure i’m using what works best for my skin. i love trying new products so i’m not sure i’ll ever be devoted to one specific brand or product but i wanted to share what’s really been working for me lately.

my skincare routine on | tula exfoliating treatment mask

  1. tula purifying face cleanser. ok this is my holy grail cleanser. do you ever try something new and instantly want to tell everyone you know about it? that’s how i feel about this. soon after i started using it i took a girls trip with my friends. we got in the car to start our road trip and within 5 minutes i was like, “everyone has to try the face cleanser that i brought because it’s the most amazing thing ever and it smells great and it takes all your makeup up off and your face will feel amazing.” needless to say everyone wanted to try it and it got rave reviews! i cleanse with this both morning and night.
  2. thayer’s rose petal witch hazel. i like to tone my face after cleansing and this one is gentle, smells great and is super affordable. plus it lasts a long time, i swear i’ve had this bottle for nearly a year! i always use this in the morning and try to use it at night too, if i’m not rushing to get to bed sooner.
  3. ole henriksen truth serum vitamin c anti-aging collagen booster. this serum smells amazing, just like fresh squeezed orange juice! i’ve noticed that since using it every morning my skin is softer, brighter and there might even be fewer fine lines.
  4. fresh lotus youth preserve eye cream. this is a great eye cream for both day and night use. it’s very smooth and easy to apply. i hate when an eye cream is too thick and it pulls your skin as you apply it. before the fresh eye cream i was using this one, and like it just as much.
  5. tula hydrating day and night cream. this cream is super light but very hydrating and not heavy at all. it smells great and drys quickly so i can apply my makeup almost instantly after slathering it on my face. i use this every morning and almost every night.
  6. beauty counter soothing face oil. this face oil is really luxurious. i only use it at night and typically will put it on just before bed. it smells like lavender and instantly makes me feel like i’m in a spa. i use this when i need something more hydrating than just face cream or when i need a little pampering.
  7. tula exfoliating treatment mask. i’ve been using this mask a few times a week for the past couple months. it makes my skin feel amazing and it’s super quick, you just leave it on for 5-10 minutes and then rinse it off. it goes on thick and doesn’t feel tight or hard as it’s drying. it’s replaced any other exfoliating products for me.
  8. aquaphor advanced therapy healing ointment. i use this on my lips constantly. it’s inexpensive and super effective at preventing or treating chapped lips, which i seem to constantly be suffering from! i can definitely see a difference after using this morning and night consistently for a few days and it’s obvious when i’ve been skimping on it.


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  1. April wrote:

    I would look to try that Ole henrikson , i love a serum with vit. C


    Posted 9.15.16

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