this christmas

checking in from holiday headquarters over here to share some photos from our christmas celebrations. i’m sure i say this every year but this really, really has been the best christmas yet! annabelle has just been so sweet and though she doesn’t fully understand what’s happening she sure did enjoy herself! sat through an hour+ of holiday mass, sang christmas carols over and over at the top of her lungs, loved opening every single present – like everyone’s presents, not just hers!

the absolute highlight of christmas morning was ken opening his present. i got him the phone that he has been wanting for months via a christmas miracle in the form of our brother in law who works at wired magazine. ken does so much for our family and it was so nice to surprise him with something he really, really wanted.

the worst thing that happened was that our matching pajamas didn’t come in time even though i paid for rush shipping. i’m still not in the mood to call and complain and i pulled something together with a mix of old and new items but i was still super disappointed. i also realize that this being the worst thing that happened makes us really, really lucky and blessed so really who cares?!

i hope you had the best christmas and weekend. i’m off the rest of the week and it’s going to be pretty hard for me to put real clothes on at any point. merry merry!

my christmas eve dress is shabby apple but unfortunately sold out, their dresses are so beautiful and they’re having a 40% off sale right now! obsessed with this one.

annabelle’s christmas eve dress and tights are cat & jack from target and her shoes are geox.

our matching bows are from la petite barette and i could not be more obsessed!

christmas day jammies: liz, ken, annabelle