Checking In

Hi friends. I wanted to check in. I’m honestly not really sure what to say, but I miss this space and I miss what life was like when we took these photos last month. Normal.

Isn’t it absolutely crazy that these photos could be considered controversial right now? Me, playing with my children, on a playground. Things are just so weird. This playground has yellow caution tape all around it today. Not because it’s broken or dangerous. Well, I guess it is dangerous, but in a much different way than we could have ever imagined.

We’ve been filling our days with the same things I assume most of you have. Eating too much food. Drinking too much wine. Taking walks. Watching movies. Puzzles. Games. We started Lost from the beginning and I find myself identifying with the characters often. It’s a lot and then it’s not. It’s overwhelming and then it’s not. I am truly trying to appreciate this time. While everything that’s going on outside our house is scary and sad we have created such a happy, relaxing space on the inside {for the most part, we all have our moments}. It’s only been a month but I’ve already found myself worrying about what life will be like when this ends. When things do go back to normal. Will we be normal? How long will it take?

I realize this isn’t particularly helpful but I wanted you to know that I’m feeling what you’re feeling. I think we all are. We’re alone but in some ways I’ve never felt more together knowing that we all have what’s going on outside in common.

We’ve have gotten into a bit of a routine over here. We haven’t been setting our alarm clocks, which feels risky for when things do get back to normal but I’m trying to find little ways to “treat myself” during this time. The girls wake us up around 7am and we slowly start the day. Coffee for me and Ken, cereal and TV for the girls. I scroll my phone while they catch up on Moana, or Sophia the First, or whatever the choice is that day {we’ve been watching a lot of the movie HOP on Netflix}. At 8am I take the dog for a walk in an attempt to burn off some energy for both of us and when I get back if I have time I like to do that days Orange Theory at-home workout. The girls love to workout with me and I appreciate having a range of weights to choose from, 5 lb dumbbells up to 25 lb babies. And then I get into my workday and things feel normal for a bit. I’ve been cooking and baking a lot, nearly every day. We’re also getting takeout at least once a week because honestly we could all use the treat and mama could use a break.

I asked on my stories last week but I’ll ask here as well – are there any specific topics you’d like me to cover while we’re in this new place? I’d love to help in any way that I can. Please leave your suggestion in the comments below and stay safe, friends!