i love you because

We recently got this chalkboard sign that lets you easily share quick loves notes by finishing the sentence I love you because. Since it’s Valentine’s Day I thought I would take this as an opportunity to share a few reasons why I love Ken.

  1. He is the best dad. Not only because he loves Annabelle more than anything but because he’s so fun and silly but also extremely consistent and patient. It delights me daily to see him with her.
  2. He cried on our wedding day {and I did not}. He’s not very emotional on a regular basis but when he is it really melts my heart.
  3. He has a crazy travel schedule for work sometimes and he doesn’t complain. Yesterday he took a 6am flight {waking up at 3am} and was back home to us by 6pm. He didn’t miss a beat and joined our nightly dinner prayers like it was any other day {meanwhile I would have been in bed}.
  4. He’s so giving. He always shares his photography talents with our friends and family, working tirelessly to help them share big moments their lives. He even got ordained last year to marry our good friends.
  5. He pushes me to be better. He doesn’t let me settle or take the easy way out whether it’s not skipping a workout or something bigger like my career.
  6. He’s the funniest person I know {and this will be his favorite of all the reasons I love him}.
  7. He didn’t always want to start a lifestyle blog but I did – so he did too.
  8. He always bring me roses and wine home from Costco.
  9. He goes to Costco {so I don’t have to}.
  10. He is the most honest, trustworthy person I know.
  11. He manages our family budget which is not easy when you’re married to me.
  12. He let’s me celebrate holidays like Valentine’s Day and incorporate all of the silly traditions that go with them.

I love you, husband! 


  1. Christie wrote:

    Love this! You guys make a great team. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Day!


    Posted 2.14.17

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