the importance of taking time for yourself

When I was younger nothing sounded worse to me than being by myself. I was always making plans with friends, talking on the phone, and at some point thanks to technology, chatting online. Being alone meant being bored and out of touch. Pass.

Fast forward about 20 years and one husband, one daughter, and one dog later, and being alone sounds like a vacation. It’s not that I don’t love my little family, of course I do. I’ve just found it’s really important for me to take time for myself every now and then. Since alone time is a luxury in and of itself I try not to escape for too long or do anything too elaborate. I’d love to share a few ideas with you today on how to “do you”.

1. Eat lunch alone. 

Take a few minutes out of your day each week – leave your office, take a walk or a quick drive, or sit in the Target parking lot, girl I don’t judge. If you’re a stay at home mom this might sound like a completely crazy idea to you but there has to be a nap time or downtime every so often when you can just sit for a minute. Enjoy a simple meal, read a magazine, watch the birds, take a breath. With the weather being as nice as it has been lately I’ve been making an attempt to get outside and soak in the vitamin D when I can. I pack my lunch at home when I have time in the morning and I’ve been sneaking a little treat into my lunchbox. Have you tried noosa yoghurt? The first time I had it was in the fall and they had a pumpkin swirl flavor. I basically bought Target out of their stock completely and ate it everyday for a month. Every flavor is more delicious than the next – my favorites for summer are lemon and strawberry rhubarb – and it’s perfect for on the go because you can pop the lid on and off since it’s sometimes too much for one serving {a great problem to have}.

2. Listen to a Podcast.

I luckily don’t have a long commute but I’ve started to listen to Podcasts when I’m in the car by myself which is at least 30 minutes most days. It makes my time alone in the car feel enjoyable and productive and I’m going to be totally honest when I say I feel really cool when people talk about podcasts and I actually have things to say. It exercises my brain in a way that TV, music, and even books do not. So far my favorites have been both seasons of Serial, Missing Richard Simmons, S-Town, and Call Your Girlfriend.

3. Stop at the drugstore.

I got this one from my mama. It’s amazing what a pick me up a new lip gloss, blush, or hairspray can be. Spending time walking the makeup aisles at a drugstore has an amazingly calming influence on me. Is there a new nail polish shade out for the season? Do I have the most lengthening mascara? Is Katie Holmes really married to Jamie Foxx? It’s a quick but fun escape and a total mood booster, friends.

What are some ways you take time for yourself? I’d love to hear!

Yummy noosa Yoghurt is from Target {but can be found at stores nationwide, including Whole Foods and Walmart too}, my dress is Pinkblush {and on sale!} and my bag is Henri Bendel {on super sale!}.


I was selected for this opportunity as a member of CLEVER and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.