My Big Fat FASTer Way To Fat Loss Review!

Well friends, the results are in and I’m happy to say that I am thrilled with my results from following the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program for just six weeks. I wanted to wait until I completed one full round of the program before I wrote this post so I could share my full experience and RESULTS. I’m so excited to be able to share this with you and I’m always happy to answer ANY questions you might have so please, leave them in the comments below!


I thought it would be fun to start with my results from the 6-week program. After all, if it didn’t work why would you keep reading?! These photos are all completely unedited and unfiltered.

Day 1 of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss

When starting the program you’re encouraged to ditch the scale and focus on measurements as your main measure of progress. While I totally can get behind that in theory I did still weight myself pretty regularly. Old habits, am I right? So here is where I started in the beginning, followed by where I’m at after one-round (six weeks) of the FASTer Way to Fat Loss program.

Beginning Stats:

Weight: 124.2 lbs
Waist at Belly Button: 32″
Waist 2″ Above Belly Button: 33.5″
Waist 2″ Below Belly Button: 30″
Upper Arm: 10″
Upper Thigh: 19.5″

Round 1 Stats:

Weight: 117.8 lbs
Waist at Belly Button: 28.5″
Waist 2″ Above Belly Button: 31.5″
Waist 2″ Below Belly Button: 28″
Upper Arm: 9″
Upper Thigh: 19″

My 6-week FASTer Way to Fat Loss results

I was definitely not sad to say goodbye to 8.5″ and 6.4lbs especially now that swimsuit season is upon us! My goal when starting the program was really to lose FAT – I was pretty close to my pre-pregnancy weight at about 9 months post-partum but my clothes were tight and I was not feeling confident in my own skin. I was tracking calories but wasn’t really paying attention to what I was eating or when I was eating it. I had experimented with intermittent fasting but my results were stalled and I knew I needed to try something different if I was going to see the results I was looking for. I am someone who seriously dislikes tracking my meals, planning my meals, limiting my food intake and on top of all of that I expect to see immediate results. Totally reasonable, right? While the results I achieved weren’t immediate I was able to grasp the meal tracking and planning after about the first week of the program and the results quickly followed. Once my clothes started fitting better after just a couple weeks and I was able to wear things that I hadn’t worn in almost two years, I couldn’t wait to keep going.

after one round of the FASTer Way

What is the FASTer Way?

The FASTer Way to Fast Loss is a nutrition program that focuses on a few key things to drive the seriously incredible results that I experienced.

  • Intermittent Fasting
  • Carb Cycling
  • Macro Tracking
  • Strategic Workouts

Each “round” is 6 weeks long and starts with a prep-week which allows you to get familiar with the program. You’re given access to a portal that’s full of information on how to track your food, daily workouts, FAQ’s, and more. You’re also placed in a Facebook group with a coach and about 40 other women – this is your accountability group and I personally think this was huge in my success. You’re able to ask questions, connect with other women doing the program, and post your daily progress to receive tips on how to maximize your results.

What Did You Eat?

Honestly, what didn’t I eat?! One of the reasons why I typically dislike tracking my food intake is because I am a volume eater – I am not satisfied eating 1,200 calories/day and even if I am able to do it for a few days I just end up binging and going overboard at the first moment of weakness or temptation because it’s not sustainable. And one of the reasons I liked the FASTer Way so much is because you eat – A LOT – and with the carb cycling and macro tracking there’s a lot of variety in what and how you’re eating throughout the week. I was never bored and really did enjoy planning, tracking, and eating during the 6 weeks. I think my very biggest tip for success would be to try to plan out your meals as much as possible in advance. In the evening I’ll typically think about the next day, prep food to bring to work for lunch and also track my dinner to make sure I’m setting myself up for success and packing the right food to meet my macro goals. It also allows me to just track once a day and then eat what I plan the following day. Once I got the hang of it, it was incredibly easy to plan and follow through each day. Here are a few of my go-to’s that I’m still eating today.

Low-Carb Days

Monday and Tuesday are low-carb days. Your goal is to eat less than 50 grams of net carbs and have the rest of your calories come from fat and protein. The first couple weeks I really struggled with eating enough fat. It’s amazing just how much you can eat in a day and still lose weight and inches when following this plan.

Here’s a sample low-carb day:
I put two scoops of collagen powder in my coffee and typically wait to break my fast until noon on low carb days. Low carb breakfast just isn’t as appealing to me so I hold out for a big lunch.
Cobb salad with salmon or shrimp, bacon, hard boiled egg, cheese, and Trader Joe’s siracha ranch dressing
Trader Joe’s Thai chili and lime almonds
Apple with peanut butter
Beef jerky
Trader Joe’s salmon burger patty
Broccoli with cheese sauce

Cobb salads have become my favorite way to get a TON of fat in with bacon, cheese, and salad dressing (YUM), snacks are usually a combination of nuts, peanut butter, fruit, and jerky, and dinner is usually a higher fat protein with veggies cooked in olive or coconut oil. Chipotle is also a great option for a quick lunch or dinner on low carb days!

Regular Macro Days

Regular macro days are the bomb {do people still say that}? On Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday you eat your My Fitness Pal recommendation of 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein. As a self proclaimed lover of carbs, regular macros days ended up being my favorite.

Here’s what a sample regular macro day looks like:
2 scoops collagen powder in my coffee before I break my fast
2 slices Ezekiel cinnamon raisin bread with Kerrygold butter
Chicken thighs with Trader Joe’s jasmine rice and artichoke hearts
Cookies and cream Quest bar
Trader Joe’s gyro slices on naan bread topped with Greek yogurt and a sweet potato

Do not adjust your screens – I ate two kinds of bread, rice, and a sweet potato and LOST WEIGHT! On regular macro days I also love overnight oats for breakfast, sandwiches for lunch, and a combination of rice, a protein, and veggies for dinner.

Low Macro Days

While not my favorite, low macro days really aren’t so bad. On Friday and Sunday you eat 25% less than your My Fitness Pal recommendation of 50% carbs, 30% fat, and 20% protein. Overall I ate very similarly to regular macro days, I just ate less. To survive these days I typically break my fast around noon or later and try to be as strategic as possible with what I eat.

What About Workouts?

I had the best of intentions to incorporate the FASTer Way workouts along with the nutrition program however as it does, life got in the way. During the six weeks I only made it to my Orange Theory workouts twice. Which makes my results that much more incredible. Now that I feel really confident in my ability to stick to the nutrition plan I’m going to focus on working out at least 2-3 days/week. Even though I feel much leaner and am totally happy with my progress so far I want to continue to tone and become stronger and healthier.

But Did You Cheat?

Totally. Of course I did. The FASTer Way mantra is progress over perfection. During my first six weeks of the program we celebrated Easter, my sisters graduation, Mothers Day, and also went on a three day trip with friends. While I tried not to go crazy I totally indulged myself and didn’t track those days. I did however get back on track after every indulgence and did my best to continue the intermittent fasting at all times. I did eat out very often throughout the program and was able to stay on track with ease. My favorite quick serve options were Chipotle and Panera – they both have tons of options and very thorough nutrition calculators on their site which made customizing and tracking my meals super easy.

So What’s Next?

I’m totally all-in on the FASTer Way to Fat Loss approach to eating. I love switching out my nutritional focus on a daily basis from low carb to macros, intermittent fasting, and always striving for progress over perfection. I also love how easy it is to incorporate into my very busy life and get back on track if {and when} I slip up a bit. I’m also definitely going to work on incorporating more exercise into my daily routine.

If you’re interested in trying the FASTer Way to Fat Loss for yourself, you can sign up for the next round here – prep week starts Monday, June 3. I’d love to be a resource for any questions or concerns you might have before getting started – trust me I’ve probably asked or experienced them all!