My Mini-Resolutions for 2020

Throughout my adult life I’ve gone back and forth between making grand resolutions for a new year and making none at all. Usually any resolutions I have made were related to diet and/or exercise and ultimately fell flat when real life got in the way.

Last year I decided to take a different approach and make a resolution that would better me in a different way. I resolved to read {or rather listen to} the Bible. I’m thrilled to say that I actually followed through with my resolution and feel better about it than I can even express in words.

This year I decided again to take a different approach with my resolution. I’ve come up with a short list of mini-resolutions – things that I’ve been avoiding or ignoring but are simple enough to do that I might just end up accomplishing them by this time next year.

My Mini-Resolutions for 2020

Use My New Email Address

It’s taken me nearly 7 years but I finally have a gmail email address with my new {or rather current} last name. Since it’s taken me this long to even create said email address I figured a year would be a safe time frame to not only start using it but change it everywhere.

Grow My Hair

I’ve never been hesitant to make a change to my hair. I’m actually quite the opposite and like to change it up nearly every time I go to the salon. But I’ve realized that while I prefer the way I style my hair when it’s short I actually like the way I look with long hair better. I’m committing to see how far I can get if I don’t cut it {other than trimming it to keep it healthy} this year and plan to re-evaluate in 2021 after I’ve had about 365 days to decide.

Keep Up With Notifications on My Phone

Part of being a busy, working mom of two small children means something {ok sometimes it feels like everything} has to give. Lately it’s been all of those annoying little notifications from the various apps on my phone. So either I deal with them or delete the app. No more red circles for me!

Use Up Unused Gift Cards

The other day I realized I have a shocking amount of gift cards in my wallet. While it might seem small {these are mini resolutions, remember?} a few dollars here and there can really add up so before making a purchase, deciding where to eat out, or pulling in to a gas station I’m going to ask myself, “do I have a gift card I can use here?

Go to a Concert

One of Ken and my first dates was to a concert {Matt Nathanson!} and we’ve gone to at least one concert but typically more each year since then. Except last year, we didn’t. And honestly I can’t remember if we went to any the year before that. So this year I’d like to go to at least one concert together – and no, Kidz Bop Live does not count.

Do you make resolutions? I’d love to hear what you’re planning on doing {or not doing!} in the new year in the comments below!