Winter White

One of my favorite tips for when I feel like I have nothing to wear, or I’m in a hurry, or I really just don’t have the mental capacity to put together an outfit but I still want to look fly is wearing all the same color. I think fancy folks call it monochromatic but I call it plain genius. It’s also a brilliant tip for dressing toddlers if you have any of those lying around and works equally well with solids as it does prints.

While I actually think white is *perfect* for winter {despite anything you’ve heard, it’s 100% fine!} it can get cult-like pretty quickly if you know what I mean. To help combat that I made sure to mix up the textures, my coat, sweater, and skirt are all just a bit different but play together very well. And my shoes add a fun, unexpected pop. It would have been just as easy {and probably more weather appropriate} to pair this look with white denim and a pair of boots but who would I be if I consulted the weather every time I got dressed?

Another thing I love about this type of look is that it’s pretty classic. When paired together each of the items stand the test of time, but they can easily be paired with more trendy items. I love the idea of my skirt paired with a band tee and snakeskin boots for example.

So tell me! Would you {or do you?} wear monochromatic looks? And what do you think about white during the winter? xo!