Our Approach to TV with Xfinity X1

This year we’ve partnered with Xfinity to share more about their products and services as well as how we approach all things television and technology in our houseThank you for supporting the sponsors that support us!

Early on in our parenting journey, and possibly even before we became parents at all, Ken and I made a pledge that many young, naive, idealistic parents often do: technology will not be part of our kids’ everyday lives. We vowed to treat it very carefully and introduce it slowly. And we never intended to use technology to babysit our kids. 

All of you parents reading this right now know where this is going next, right?! I suppose the photo of my children in front of our very large television sort of gave it away, but please, read on!

We waited until both girls turned one to let them watch kid-specific television programming. That was a lot harder with Jojo, for sure! I’m also thrilled to say that we own zero tablets. Zero! Our kids have never watched a phone or a tablet at a restaurant, in a waiting room, or during a boring dinner with adults. But they LOVE TV, and they watch a lot of it! (In moderation, of course.) I’ll write about our approach to limiting things like tablets in another post, but today, I’m talking all about the ol’ tube. Our girls have very distinct personalities, but they often agree on which television shows they like. Lucky for us, Xfinity makes it easy to find their favorites.

Perhaps my favorite feature of the Xfinity X1 system is that you can use the X1 Voice Remote to search by title, genre, or actor and get instant results across live TV, Xfinity on Demand, and your DVR. Even the tiniest of voices can say Fancy Nancy and get exactly what they’re looking for (did you know Fancy Nancy has a little sister named Jojo, too?!). 

Plus, you get personalized recommendations based on what you’re watching, so we find out about all sorts of fun and entertaining options for the girls just by searching for what we already know and love. And while we have plenty of shows we watch on Netflix, Prime Video, and other streaming services, X1 lets you record up to five shows at once and includes 500GB of storage. You never have to choose between Daniel Tiger and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse again!

And with all of your streaming services housed and accessible via the X1 platform it really is a parents best friend.

Here are a few of the girls current favorite things to watch on our X1 platform:

  • Fancy Nancy
  • Pinkalicious
  • Daniel Tiger
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse
  • Storyline Online – Annabelle actually introduced me to this, it’s a YouTube series with celebrities reading children’s books and it’s very cute!
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga – another YouTube series, this is perfect for endless winter days when you’re cooped up inside and need to burn some energy!
  • Llama Llama
  • Pete the Cat
  • Secret Life of Pets 2
  • The Lion King

Do your kids watch TV? I’d love to hear about how you approach technology within your family and if your kids have any favorite shows or movies that you think we would love!