simplifying the weeknight rush with hellofresh {and a special discount!}

does anyone else feel like cooking dinner during the week is one of the more stressful tasks in life? i sure hope i’m not alone here. monday through friday ken and i work to get dinner on the table as close to 6pm as possible while juggling working full time and driving annabelle to and from school everyday. luckily both work and school are in pretty close proximity to our house but especially with the days getting darker earlier i just feel like there is this loudly ticking clock in my head the minute i leave the office and head for home.

we only have a few requirements for our weeknight dinners but they’re pretty important.

  1. fast. seriously, if it cannot be made in under 30 minutes it’s not happening.
  2. healthy. this has always been important to us but even more so since annabelle eats everything we do.
  3. yummy. obviously, who wants to eat a gross dinner? 😉

have you tried a meal delivery program? i’ve always been hesitant, mostly because it seemed expensive and like an unnecessary luxury reserved for fancy people. well, i’m happy to tell you that hellofresh has proved me wrong!

last week we received our first hellofresh box that conveniently was delivered when ken was out of town. typically when i’m on single mom duty annabelle and i will eat eggs and toast, cereal, or both, for dinner. i decided to seize the day and make the first of our three hellofresh meals flying solo and it was surprisingly easy. oh and by the way, we got the family plan which says it serves 4 people with each meal. we made roasted chicken thighs with crispy potatoes and spinach in about 25 minutes. annabelle devoured it and we had enough leftover for another dinner when ken got home plus a couple lunches for me.

our second meal was beef skewers with green beans and homemade garlic bread. we made it on a friday night and it actually seemed like such a treat to have a healthy, home cooked meal on a friday when our normal go-to is going out to eat or ordering in.

on saturday after a busy day adventuring with annabelle and with the time change looming over our heads we made our third and final meal, the herby sausage risotto. by this time it had been four days since our box was delivered and everything was still super fresh. it’s nice to know you’re not rushed to make the meals especially considering how large the portions are. i asked ken to take a few photos during halftime of the michigan game and since they were up by a lot he kindly agreed. thank you, sweet husband!

all of our meals were seriously delicious and in my opinion made way more than four portions. the risotto for example fed the three of us for two dinners plus lunch for ken on monday. the hellofresh family meal plan ranges in price from $79.95 – $105 depending on how many meals you have delivered each week {you can choose two or three}. considering how many meals we ended up getting out of each box this cost is totally in line with what we would spend at the grocery store plus eating out for the week. if you’d like to try hellofresh for yourself you can use the code ALLWEARE35 for $35 off your first box! can’t wait to hear what you think.

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