How I’ve Made More Than $7,500 on Poshmark

How I've Made More Than $7,500 on Poshmark | My tips for editing your wardrobe and how to become a successful Poshmark seller and make money on Poshmark fast!

My Tips for Using Poshmark to Make Money

As someone who loves shopping a little too much, at several points in my life I have found myself with what feels like a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear. I’m particularly frugal so for quite some time I struggled with the idea of purging my closet. Once I realized I could make money by reselling my gently worn (or in some cases new with tags) clothing, shoes, and accessories I quickly jumped aboard the online resale train. When I first started reselling my clothes online I primarily used ThredUp and eBay but in recent years I’ve found Poshmark to be the most buyer and seller friendly. For the last few years it’s where I’ve focused my time and unlocked my full earning potential. At the end of 2021 I reviewed my Poshmark seller stats and was blown away to see just how much I’ve made over time using the platform – $7,724 to be exact – so I thought it might be helpful to share some of the things I’ve learned along the way with you. Now more than ever with all of the supply chain issues that are happening across the country it is an incredible time to start selling on Poshmark!

1. How to Get Started

In order to get started selling on Poshmark you’ll need something to sell. In my case, I have a designated section in my closet for things I no longer want or need. My criteria for deciding what to keep and what to pass on is as follows:

  1. Does it suit me? Do I feel good wearing it? If I try something on or wear it out and I don’t feel good in it, I put it aside to sell. I’ve definitely struggled with this in the past since it’s hard to rationalize parting with something you’ve invested in, but more often than not the fact is it will just sit in my closet taking up space. I’d rather take a loss on something I purchased that I don’t love, and use that money to buy something that I feel great in. Ken calls this a sunk cost.
  2. Was it final sale? Every so often a final sale item gets the best of me, although I have a general rule to not purchase something on final sale unless I’m super confident it’s the right size/style for me. The good news is, I find items that are new with tags sell the quickest and for the highest value on Poshmark. So while I may take a bit of a loss by reselling the item, often times I can recoup nearly 100% of the investment that I made by listing it in my Poshmark closet.
  3. Does it fit? This is along the same line as does it suit me, but if something doesn’t fit me and it’s not a good candidate to be tailored I list it for sale.
How I've Made More Than $7,500 on Poshmark | My tips for editing your wardrobe and how to become a successful Poshmark seller and make money on Poshmark fast!

2. How to List Your Item

The Poshmark app makes selling really easy. Here are a few tips for how to list your item.

  1. Use original photos of the item. The first thing I do is try to find images of the item I’m selling online. I do this one of two ways – first, I’ll try to find the original link to the item from when I purchased it. I do this by finding the order confirmation in my email, or looking up my purchase from the website/app where I purchased it from. Typically this works and I can just save the images directly from the site, but occasionally I’ll have to search for the item using Google images. Once you have your product images, or if you are unable to find any, move to step two.
  2. Take clear, well lit photos. Unless I’m selling an item new with tags or in new condition, I’ll always take photos of the item in my closet to add to the listing. I use my phone camera and take a few photos – one full shot of the item, one close up, one of the size tag, etc. Poshmark recently added the ability to add a 15 second video to your listing as well, so occasionally I’ll do that to really show off the item. I find this especially important with shoes. If you’re selling your item with any flaws make sure to take photos of that as well.
  3. Include a thorough description. Make sure you include the brand name in the title of the listing and if you were able to find the original link to the item, copy and paste everything about it into the description of your listing. You’ll want to select as many details as possible (category, color, original price, condition, etc.) in order to provide your buyers with as much information as you can.
  1. Set the price. On Poshmark, new with tag items on average sell at a 50% discount off their original price. All other items on average sell at a 60% discount. Keep in mind that Poshmark keeps a 20% fee. Once your item is listed you’ll be able to adjust the price whenever you’d like, and offer a discount directly to shoppers who like the item. When I’m listing an item that’s still in new condition I try to set the price so I’m able to recoup what I paid for it (if that seems reasonable). Otherwise, for used items I’ll typically start by listing the item at least 50% off the original price. You’ll find that trendy brands definitely sell quicker and at a higher price, and luxury items like designer handbags and/or shoes might sell for at or above their retail price.

3. How to Make a Sale

By this point you’ve edited your closet, taken photos of your items, and listed them for sale. Congrats! The hard work is done. So why haven’t you sold anything yet? Just like anything social these days, there is an algorithm behind Poshmark that improves your ability to make a sale. I’m not sure it’s published anywhere online but here’s what I’ve found helps you to make a sale.

  1. Make offers to interested buyers. If someone likes your item you’re able to offer them a private discount of at least 10% off the items listing price, plus discounted shipping that you cover the cost of. This might not be something you want to do for all of your items, but if you’re really looking to move inventory and clear your closet it’s a great option to offer to your most interested buyers.
  2. Accept offers buyers make. Just like you have the ability to make an offer to someone who likes your item, someone can make an offer on your item for less than you have the item listed for. At first this might feel insulting, but at the end of the day more often than not I’d rather take $5-$10 off an item and get that item out of my closet than miss out on a sale. Obviously do this at your own discretion!
  3. Use Your Seller Tools. There’s a section in the My Seller Tools section called My Shoppers that will give you a list of anyone who’s like an item from your closet. From here you can easily create a Bundle for a buyer who’s liked multiple items in your closet. This gives you the ability to offer a combined discount and the buyer can also save on shipping by buying multiple items at once. You can also offer a set Bundle discount for buyers who’d like to make their own Bundle from your closet, i.e. 10% off 2 items or more.
  4. Share, share, share. Poshmark offers you the ability to share items from your closet with people who follow you on the app, and also to share an item from someone else’s closet with your followers. I find the more you share other Posher’s items, the more your items get shared, and the more buyers you reach. I try to share items from my closet a few times a day to keep them at the top of search results, and at the same time I’ll go to my main feed and share other Posher’s items with people who follow me.
  5. Follow other Posher’s. This isn’t like Instagram where you only follow closets you like and want to shop from. The larger your Poshmark network the greater your chances are of shares and sales. Start by following anyone who follows you and then via your feed Poshmark will recommend people for you to follow. In my opinion you can’t follow too many people, as silly or trivial as it may seem.
  6. Shop for yourself! This is just a theory but I find that when I buy from Poshmark I sell more. Obviously only do this if you are actually interested in buying something, but Poshmark is one of my favorite places to shop for items that are rare, sold out, or just deeply discounted. I almost always check Poshmark before buying something online like jeans, shoes, or dresses to make sure I’m getting the best price I can.
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4. Packing and Shipping Your Items

Once you’ve made a sale you have a few days to ship your item out. Here’s what I recommend to keep things simple.

  1. Find a box or a shipping bag to ship your item in. I hang on to any boxes, envelopes, or bags (that are in good condition) when I receive a package in the mail to reduce any costs associated with shipping supplies. If you already have a box or a bag you’ll just need packing tape to ensure your package is sealed up properly. I highly recommend a tape gun as well, it will make your life so much easier.
  2. Package your item neatly and nicely. Remember your buyer is probably really excited to receive their new item, so package it accordingly! I typically wrap the item in tissue paper after making sure everything on it is buttoned, zipped, tied, and neatly folded. You’re welcome to do more (stickers, thank you notes, etc.) but I almost always receive 5-stars by doing the minimum.
  3. Ship your item quickly. Part of your seller rating is shipping your item on time, so make sure you don’t take more than a day or two to get your item to the post office. Poshmark will email you a prepaid shipping label for your item, so you’ll need to have a printer nearby. If you’ve been waiting to invest in a printer, now is the time. Ours is wireless and I’m able to print directly from my phone via Bluetooth, so it’s very handy not only for printing Poshmark shipping labels but all sorts of things.

I know the process of editing your closet and reselling your clothes can feel overwhelming. Please keep in mind that these are just clothes, and this is a good problem to have. So many people would be thrilled to be in a position to have too many clothes. You are blessed! I also wanted to mention that I’ve never personally regretted selling something. I know our clothes and belongings can feel sentimental but they’re just things. I love sending my things off to have a new, exciting life somewhere else.

After I published this post a follower messaged and said she has a goal of listing $100/week by going through and collecting items from around her house. What a great idea! Poshmark is not just for women’s clothes – you can also sell men’s and children’s clothes, skincare, makeup, electronics, home decor, etc. Are you a Poshmark seller or a Poshmark shopper? I’d love to hear about any tips, tricks, or favorite purchases you’ve made in the comments below!