our favorite meal of the day

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

If we had to pick a favorite meal of the day in our house it would be whichever one involves cereal which to be honest could be any of them or all of them in the same day. Annabelle is a fairly good eater for a three year old – don’t get me wrong she asks to have some type of dessert after dinner every night and will often bring her lunch box home from school having the exact same number of cherry tomatoes that I put it in that morning but overall she makes good choices. A lot of that has to do with us introducing a variety of foods into her diet from the time that she started eating and I think another reason she eats so well is because we always start our day with breakfast {all these years you’ve heard that but I swear it’s actually true}.

Annabelle has a new thing where she calls every meal a snack, so our mornings usually go like this.

Annabelle: Opens eyes, looks over at me. “Mama, can you get me a snack?”
Me: Pretends to be sleeping.
Annabelle:¬†“Mama, can you get please get me a snack? I’d like cereal, milk, and medicine.” {She takes her arthritis medicine every morning/night. I love that she thinks to ask for it though, as if I would forget}
Me: Opens one eye. “Ok, what kind of cereal would you like?”
Annabelle: “Cocoa Bunnies.”

Literally every morning. I honestly cannot remember a morning where she didn’t have cereal for breakfast. And at least 6 nights/week cereal is also her snack of choice before bedtime. I love it because I have the peace of mind for those meals that she’s getting a well balanced assortment of food {along with milk and fruit}.

Cereal is also great because it’s a no-brainer. You can pick it up anytime you’re at Walmart, it doesn’t make {too much} of a mess {confession, we totally eat it in bed} and it lasts forever. Not like we give it a chance though. A box of cereal in our house is gone within 4 days. And please don’t get me started on milk and raspberries.

While we’re confessing things, I have one more: I’m just as obsessed with cereal as Annabelle, especially during this pregnancy. During my first trimester it was nearly all I could stomach and every morning I had to eat something as soon as I opened my eyes or else I would be running to the bathroom. Being the ever practical mom that I am, so many meals during those first few months were as simple as cereal, milk, and fruit. I’m not telling you this to sell you a product. I’m telling you because if you’re a mama reading this and you feel like there are people out there making pancakes, eggs, and organic, free range bacon for their family every morning I’m here to tell you I’m not one of them. And that’s ok. Look at this girls face. She is living her best life.

You can find our favorite Annie’s cereals the next time you’re at Walmart.¬†Enjoy!