how {not} to start a blog

did you know julia child was 37 when she started cooking? i’m 32 {i think. do you ever forget how old you are?}. i could have started this blog years ago when i had all of the time in the world. but i didn’t. and i’m not going to let that stop my passion and excitement for it now.

do you love what you do? | how {not} to start a blog |

my brain is complicated. usually i overthink everything. even in the rare instance where i’m decisive enough to come to a decision quickly, i’ll then rethink it 1,000 times.

like this blog, for example. i love reading blogs and i love sharing advice and i live with a photographer so i thought “hey, i should do that! i should start a blog!” so i did. and here we are!

and after i started said blog i started googling things like, how to start a blog. cart before the horse, much? and here comes the rethinking! don’t worry, i’m not done here. i just thought it might be good for me to get some of this on paper. or the internet. you know what i mean.

first, let’s start with what i’m not.

i’m not really a fashion blogger. i love fashion, sure. but i’m a mom who lives in the suburbs {in the midwest, no less!} with a full-time corporate job and a pretty fixed budget. so, i’m going to keep posting my outfits but i’m probably not attending nyfw {new york fashion week} anytime soon. unless i get invited. and then, duh.

i’m not really a mommy blogger either. i’m happy to write about my experiences with annabelle but i am certainly not an expert when it comes to babies or kids and i’m past the part of baby development where i sought so much advice {pregnancy and newborn-ness}. so until i have another kid {someday? maybe!} i’ll probably just continue to share about my life with one toddler.

i’m definitely not a food blogger. if you actually know me that’s all i have to say about that category. if i come across a time saving tip or a really great recipe i might share but i’m not even going to pretend i know what’s up in the kitchen.

i’m not a beauty blogger. i’m interested in making myself look nice with minimal effort. hopefully you find that sort of beauty advice helpful. in which case, you’re in the right spot!

i’m not a lifestyle blogger either. sure, we shoot lifestyle photography but most days my house is messy and we’re too tired to take pictures.

so that brings us to what i am!

i’m authentic.
i’m honest.
i’m learning.
i’m teaching.
i’m growing.
i’m succeeding.
i’m me.

i hope you’re enjoying all we are because i definitely am.


image of liz and annabelle via all we are photography. quote via.


  1. Jamie wrote:

    LOVE THIS! I literally had a moment of connecting to every single piece you said. We don’t all have to fit into the same sized fashion, lifestyle, mommy blogger box. It’s great that you have your unique voice and do what you do.

    I’m glad you did this post. I will definitely continue reading and coming by everyday.

    Jamie of Hello There, Lady!

    Posted 2.1.16
    • liz braga wrote:

      thanks, jamie! it’s definitely something i’ve been thinking about a lot. i’m so glad you could relate! xo

      Posted 2.1.16

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